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The Sites Above Offer Oil Patch Gifts, Such As: Oil Field Memorabilia, Oil Field Souvenirs, Oil Field Collectables, Oil Field Souvenirs, Oil Field Collector's Items,  Oil Field Mementos,  and Oil Field Curios. Oil Field Humor, and Oil Patch Humor is Catered For As Many Of The Items Have Humorous Catch Phrases. Oil Field Sayings and Oil Patch Sayings Also Feature,On Such Items As T-Shirts,Hoodies,Beer Steins,Stickers,Decals,& Letterheading. Some Catch Phrases Are Of An Adult Or Offensive Nature. Drinking Humor Is Also Featured. Please Browse And Enjoy The Content Displayed In The Sites. Oilmen Work Hard, And Tend To Play Hard, Hence The Beer Mug Logo. Cheers, BOOZYKELLY

Just to advise that our Oil Field Stickers sold on Zazzle are circular, & are available in two sizes: 1 1/2" & 3" and are easily resellable as they are very popular. The Stickers come in sets of 20 & 6

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The T-Shirts, Stickers, Beer Mugs, Hats, Caps and Other Items Shown Above Are Just A Few Of The Many Hundreds Available.

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 All These Designs Were Created To Celebrate The Tough Working Lifestyle Of Oilmen Working All Around The Globe, Often In Harsh, Dangerous Conditions, Such As Extreme Weather, Or During Civil War, Rebellion, Or Revolution, & Their Enjoyment Of Beer & Good Fun During Their Well Earned Field Breaks. The Foto Shows An Oil Rig On Location In The Desert Of Turkmenistan, C.I.S. Of Russia.

 Boozykelly.com's shop owner, who is semi-retired, has so far spent more than 25 years working in the International Oilfield World, all around the Globe, in fierce storms in freezing seas, steamy jungles & in roasting hot deserts amidst choking sandstorms. Such countries & places included The Western Desert In Egypt, The Sahara Desert, The Searing Hot Deserts Of Oman, The Turkmenistan Desert, Saudi Arabia, Offshore Egypt, Russia, Spain, Tunisia, Qatar, The Rain Forests & Jungles Of Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, The Mountains & Desert Of Pakistan, The Inhospitable North Sea In Scotland & Denmark, The Southern North Sea, Holland, War Ravaged Angola & The Congo.

"Boozykelly" has had many adventures during his long oilfield career, among them being arrested at gunpoint by armed Saudi, Egyptian & Gabonnaise police, & by the Egyptian Army. And while in Angola worked to the tune of gunfire in mine fields with the corpses of dead soldiers laying nearby, & escaped a bizarre kidnap attempt in Egypt
in an unlikely setting, to name but a very few.

Boozykelly worked on the upstream, downhole aspects of the Oil industry such as well completions, production, well services, slickline, wireline, coiled tubing, well testing & snubbing.

Oil is a contentious issue at present in respect of the Iraq war & global warming. But whatever people's opinions & views are, the fact remains that the world needs oil, & will do for decades to come. As there's no viable alternative at present, while the use of wind farms, wave power & solar power are in their infancy. Nuclear power of course would solve some energy issues, but environmentalists are against expansion of this energy source. In the near future there are fantastic plans to retrieve Helium-3 from the moon & ferry it to the Earth via space shuttle; this substance will provide great energy, but will not solve all energy needs.  Many people just associate oil with fuel for vehicles, aircraft or ships. but if a vehicle engine that ran on water was made available tomorrow, along with meaningful methods of harnessing solar energy for economic everyday use, oil would still be required to manufacture & produce a host of essential everyday products such as: paint, natural gas, domestic heating oil, industrial fuel oil, nail polish, synthetic rubber, plastics, fertilizers, insect repellents, asphalt for road surfacing & roofing, guitar strings, synthetic fibres such as nylon, wax, petroleum jelly, detergents, capsule casings for vitamin & nutritional supplements, shoe polish, perfume, panty-hose, & toothpaste.
These are just a few oil-derived products. There's also the matter of electricity. Many power stations are fired by oil or gas to produce electric power. So a modern world without oil would plunge back to pre-Victorian times, & with the huge population of the globe today, chaos would result. Just think, no vehicles, no diesel powered ships or trains, no everyday products, no electric power for hospitals, schools, industrial or domestic use. The infirm would suffer, factories would close. Jobs would be lost. Things would just about come to a standstill. Ships & trains would be back burning coal, that other fossil fuel, giving off even more pollutants. Yes, a real big problem a world without oil. And don't forget gas is produced as a by product of oil production, & on its own, & is as essential to modern life as is oil.

Oilmen don't start wars. Politicians do. Oilmen are neutral, motivated, dedicated professionals with a difficult, demanding, dynamic & dangerous job to do. And they just go & get on with it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, regardless of danger, weather, war, toxic gas, love, location, or anything else. To provide for supply & demand. A suitable motto for oilmen might be "Make Hole Not War", as they would not be sympathetic to a policy of "Blood for Oil." And as for so called "Big Oil", businessmen are businessmen, & are profit motivated no matter what activity they're in.

As for global warming, there are as many or more scientists disagreeing with the cause, as apart from the fact that overactivity by the sun may be causing it, the earth has survived many previous periods of severe climate upheaval over the eons of its existence.

Working in the oil industry is a tough lifestyle. And is dangerous, & can be stressful. And this takes a toll. A few of my colleagues have perished in an offshore helicopter crash, an airplane crash & in offshore accidents. Others survived similar crashes. Others commited suicide.  Others drank themselves to death. And two commited atrocious murders. Some died of skin cancer from working in hot deserts. But that's the oil game, & part & parcel of bringing consumers their oil derived products.

Most oilmen I know are aware of other colleagues who have suffered similar fates, & have themselves had many precarious adventures & escapes.

There is a book written by Paul Carter, an Australian oilman, called "Don't Tell Mum I Work On The Rigs, She Thinks I'm A Piano Player In A Whorehouse" which is available at many bookstores & online at Amazon books. This best-selling book is written in a humorous manner & details the author's incredible scrapes & adventures. The book is very popular & has received rave reviews, but it gives an insight into the type of adventures oilmen experience during their work & travels.

As mentioned above, working in the oil industry is a dangerous activity, as indicated here. The Piper Alpha was an offshore oil production platform standing in deep water in the North Sea about 100 miles off the North East coast of Scotland. After a serious mishap aboard the giant facility on the night of 6th July 1988 which resulted in massive, catastrophic explosions which killed 167 oilmen, most of the giant structure collapsed & sank to the bottom of the North Sea. The impressive memorial to these oilmen is in Hazlehead Park, Aberdeen. Working in the oilfields of the world is a hazardous occupation, as indicated elsewhere on this website, but fortunately large scale disasters resulting in huge loss of life are rare, but they do occur. Other examples are:- The Ocean Ranger, a semi-submersible drilling rig which capsized & sank in Canadian waters, resulting in the deaths of 84 oilmen, the entire crew. In 1980 the Alexander Kiellund, a former semi-submersible drilling rig which had been converted into a flotel, or floating accommodation vessel for oilmen in the North Sea, suffered a structural failure, partially sank & almost capsized, killing 123 oilmen. In 2001, a Petrobras offshore oil production platform sank offshore Brazil after several explosions. 11 oilmen perished in this accident. Another oil drilling rig sank in the South China Sea, apparently due to a typhoon, resulting in a large number of deaths. In another oil rig accident in the Middle East many oilmen perished when toxic gas from a blow out escaped into their immediate atmosphere. Apart from large scale disasters, many other accidents occur causing individual fatality, or serious injury such as the loss of a limb. Getting to a rig or well site is also hazardous, helicopters & planes crash in bad weather. Oil industry divers have a particularly hazardous occupation & also occasionally suffer fatalities. Oilmen are professionals, & take the risks as part of their job, & although they take their work seriously, oilmen retain their sense of humour, & are prone to let off steam back on the beach, or in civilisation, after a long tough job in some remote offshore or land location. And since oilmen retain their sense of humour in difficult circumstances, many of the designs featured here were created to reflect this & to celebrate their tough working lifestyle & achievements.

Recently in the USA, offshore, there was the Deepwater Horizon disaster in which 11 oilmen perished. This further emphasises the dangers oilmen face earning a living.

The oriental designs are featured as I have a great interest in oriental things having lived in the Far East for many years & have a Chinese stepmother.

As for the military interest, this stems from the fact the armed forces deserve great support & respect for their dangerous duties & sacrifices.

As for politics & politicians, they are a pain in the ass, but that's democracy. They exist & have to be voted for.

If you haven't yet done so, it's well worth visiting our www.boozykelly.com website, where many of the graphic image designs depicted here on the items offered for sale, are displayed with a text description of the origin of the design. These descriptions along with the graphics offer an interesting glimpse of the working lifestyle of international oilmen & some of the unique equipment they use.

Your comments & suggestions are welcome. If you have any comment or suggestion to make, or a request for a design to be included in the selection illustrated here, please contact boozykelly by Email at: boozykelly@tiscali.co.uk

boozykelly also has a fledgeling blog at <www.myspace.com/boozykelly>

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The Designs On Boozykelly Oil Field Gifts Feature Oil Field Sayings,Humor,Oil Field Trash Attitude, & Cover Most Oil Producing Countries, & Major Oil Fields. Most Upstream Oil Field Jobs Are Also Featured. These Include: Drilling Rig Crew Such As: Company Man, Toolpusher, Driller, Assistant Driller, Derrickman, Mudman, Roughneck, Floorman, Floorhand, Tong Operator, Crane Operator, Motorman, Rig Mechanic, Rig Electrician, Medic, Radio Operator, Directional Driller, MWD, Drilling Engineer, Drilling Superintendent, Petroleum Engineer, Reservoir Engineer, Seismic Crew, Jug Hound, Geologist, Rock Hound, Pebble Pimp, Heli-Deck Crew, & Camp Boss.

Well Services Designs Cover: Well Logger, Electric Wireline, Perforating, Well Completions, Packer Hand, Completions Specialist, Well Tester, Well Test Operator, Wireline Operator, Slickline Operator,Coiled Tubing Operator,Snubbing Operator,Snubbing Unit Operator, Hydraulic Workover, Hot Tap Specialist, Wild Well Control, Oil Well Blow Out Specialist, Oil Well Firefighter, Freeze Job Specialist, Surface Safety Specialist, Safety Officer, H2s Specialist, Filtration Specialist, Beam Pump/Pump Jack Specialist, Well Stimulation/Acidizer,Fraccer, , ESP/Electric Sumbmersible Pump Specialist, Jet Pump Specialist, & Pumper, & Jet Pum Specialist.



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